Paul V. Rudolph

Web Design and Wordpress Services

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Hi There,
I'm Paul.

I'm a web designer based out of Milwaukee who focuses on UX/UI. In addition to fun stuff like reasearch, planning, creating wireframes, and working with people, I like to get my hands dirty with coding HTML and CSS. I also love Star Wars, motorcycles, and martial arts.

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What I Offer

UX/UI Design

I offer a unique insight on user focused design, making wonderful, responsive websites and apps. I'm versed in CSS/HTML and have experience with javascript/jquery.

Wordpress Services

If you're worried about security or your Wordpress site is becoming unweidly, I'm here to help. I perform updates, fixes, back ups, and more every month. I can recommend and implement better security and options to speed up your site.

Design Consultation

If you have a WIX, Shopify, or Squarespace site I can guide you to make your design perfect and seperate yourself from the competition. My design, UI, and UX experience will help make your site perfect.

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